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Ann Mettler
Ann Mettler is executive director and co-founder of The Lisbon Council, a leading knowledge economy think tank and policy network based in Brussels. Prior to founding the organisation in 2003, Ms. Mettler served as director for Europe at the World Economic Forum. Ms. Mettler is widely published and quoted in key media outlets, such as the Financial Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal Europe, International Herald Tribune, Business Week and Newsweek. She has provided analysis of current affairs on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and BBC, and is a frequent speaker at high-level conferences across Europe. Ms. Mettler is also a member of the World Economic Forumʼs Global Agenda Council on Europe. In 2006, she was named a young leader by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. A dual citizen of Germany and Sweden, Ms. Mettler has lived and worked in Greece, the United States, Switzerland and Belgium. She holds Masters degrees in political science and European law and economics, and graduated with distinction from the University of New Mexico, USA, and the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn, Germany.

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