Janusz Lewandowski and Jose Barroso emphasize importance of a powerful EU budget

In a joint commentary on the web page of the Austrian Wiener Zeitung Janusz Lewandowski and Jose Barroso stress that the Commission’s proposals for the next EU budget includes powerful instruments to generate necessary growth for Europe.

Barroso and Lewandowski particularly point to an enhanced conditionality in the EU’s cohesion policy. According to the authors, EU funds should be increasingly dependent on structural reforms that promote growth. This should be achieved by means of partnership agreements.

Furthermore, they prospect that a lot more spending will be used to enhance innovation, research, education as well as infrastructure. In this respect, the MFF should be in accordance with the “Europe 2020″ strategy which aims at intelligent and sustainable growth.

The new guidelines will enable the EU budget to combine consolidation, investment incentives as well structural reforms.

The full article can be found here: Der EU-Haushalt und die Quadratur des Kreises


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