Budget in the news (Apr 20 – 27)

The announcement of the Commission’s proposal to increase the budget 2013 caused some reactions by the media and some member states. The debate about the budget 2014-2020 also made headlines.

EU-Haushalt soll 2013 um sechs Prozent steigen (focus online)
Comission takes gamble, seeks 6,8% budget rise
Sparen? Nicht bei der EU-Komission
(wallstreet online)
Barosso plan for EU budget rise sparks outrage

Silberhorn: EU-Haushalt – Komission fehlt Augenmaß
ITER: “Weitere 650Mio. Euro für das Milliardengrab”

EU inflation-busting budget criticised (The independent)
The mark of the EU: £666 cost to every British family for being part of Europe
(mail online)

The Netherlands will not support EU budget increase plan: minister (DutchNews.nl)











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