Germany on the EU as a global actor

On January 28th the Federal Government of Germany presented its position on the allocation of resources in heading 4 (The EU as a global actor). As overall priority for the financial framework after 2013 attention is put on limiting EU-spending to 1% of BNI.

The federal government outlines the importance of efficiency and coherence in external actions of the European Union. Therefore EU external relations have to be upgraded and the institutions, that have been installed by the treaty of Lisbon for that reason (high representative and the European external action service), need to be backed by adequate financial funding.

The Federal Government further appreciates the Commission’s requirements for European funding: all instruments need to promote European added value and have to fulfil common criteria on efficiency. These preconditions should be applied even more restrictive. Funding for the common foreign and security policy should be further increased, while possibilities for savings should be reviewed in the Macro Financial Assistance (MFA) and the Industrialised Countries Instrument (ICI).

The Federal Government of Germany espouses the inclusion of the European Development Fund into the EU-household with the objective of a coherent development cooperation with all of the regions and facilitating the promotion of regional cooperation.

Stellungnahme der Bundesregierung zur Rubrik 4

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