Budget in the news (Nov 1- Nov 5)

News Media

BBC Democracy Live (November 1): Cameron hails effort to limit EU budget rise

Euractiv.de (November 3, in German): Merkel rejects EU tax… again (Merkel lehnt EU-Steuer ab…wieder einmal)

Euractiv.com (November 5): Polish, Czech leaders vow to defend EU regional spending

euobserver.com (November 4): EU farm chief unconcerned by budget review

euobserver.com (November 4): Merkel deals blow to EU tax idea

Prague Daily Monitor (November 4): V4 to take on responsibility for whole EU in 2011, Czech and Polish PMs agree

Tim Nover

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Tim Nover is a policy analyst at the Federal Foreign Office where he focuses on Cohesion Policy and the negotiations for the next EU Multiannual Financial Framework. He holds a Master of Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance.